Currently Supervising Animation at Rooster Teeth Productions in Austin, TX, on their long-running anime streaming series, RWBY.

Most recently animated on SCOOB! for Reel FX and WAG.  

In 2019 I completed Storyboard, Layout, and Animation work on Borderlands 3, and before that I was animating and supervising on Mosley, a feature film in New Zealand (co-produced in China).

I've worked at Brazen Animation, BlueSky Studios, and Reel FX, and done contracts for several other places. I’ve dabbled in VR, games, and shorts, but most of my experience is in feature films and DTV features. 

Feature credits include Scoob!MosleyThe Book of LifeFerdinandRock Dog, and I also contributed significantly to the 2010/11 Looney Tunes CG shorts series.

I also have experience as a character lead, artist mentor, lead animator and supervising animator.

I'm on LinkedIn and Zerply if you wanna know more! 



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I would work with Randy again in a heartbeat.


He’s the man you want on the floor-- and if you need a lead or animation director he will blow you away with his natural leadership ability. 

Kirby Atkins
Writer/Director — “Mosley"

Randy very quickly became a valued member of the Blue Sky Studios Animation team. He had great ideas, with a strong sense of posing and timing. He also fit in well with the crew, becoming a strong collaborator with those around him. 

Randy would be a great addition to anyone's team!

Scott Carroll 

Sr. Supervising Animator 

Blue Sky Studios

My Tutorial Art Books

Hands are possibly one of the most difficult, complex subjects to master.

Hopefully sharing my work and some of the techniques I’ve learned will inspire you to spend some time creating hand-drawn art of your own.


Figure Drawing is a skill that you can spend a lifetime mastering, and it’s always rewarding and challenging.

The tutorials in this book illustrate how I think about drawing the human figure, to quickly capture an attitude or moment of emotion or action. 

This book includes gestures, life studies, and stylized human character drawings.

Not only is he a skilled animator he's also a talented and well liked department lead. His creative insights and touches of humour were invaluable to our latest feature project. I look forward to working with Randy again in the near future.

Daniel Story

Head of Production
Huhu Studios